Terms and Conditions

The conditions are simple.
Come and dance with us in Orlando FL, have Fun, share your soul on the dance floor, spread the love of Lindy Hop, and Blues to all those you reach. Be gracious when you can, and stern if you must, but remember we are all here to enjoy an amazing weekend of dancing together and meeting new friends.

We love you all,but Don’t do stupid things on the dance floor that can cause you to be hurt, or hurt others. No aerials, or tricks with dancers you have not practiced these moves with prior to this event. Blues n Soul and it’s organizers are not responsible for any injuries sustained during this event. You are responsible for your physical safety on the dance floor. Make good choices!

A picture of you from social media will be used on the website to let others know that your are going to be at Blues n Soul. If you do not wish for your picture to be added to the Going page please contact us at bluesnsoul@gmail.com with the title “Remove My Pic Please” and we will be happy to take down your photo. By agreeing to these conditions you allow Blues n Soul, and it’s photographers to take pictures of you during the event that may end up on social media and this website.

Don’t Hate! We come from all over the world with different views on life, love, and religion. Respect everyones personal boundaries, and don’t be a dick.

By registering for this event you are agreeing to these terms and conditions.

Terms & Conditions are subject to change when needed. Any changes after June 15th 2016 will be listed above, and highlighted.

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