Pay at the Door: Only $40

For all 3 full days of Swing and Blues Dancing to the sweet sounds on Soul, Funk, Motown, Modern and Blues Music that gets you groovin. Bring your friends, and we’ll see you all on the Dance Floor. If you can’t make the entire event, we do have individual prices for each dance.

The Beautiful Bobby Blackmon

The Beautiful Bobby Blackmon

The Beautiful Bobby Blackmon & the B 3 Band are joining us once again for Blues n Soul IV # ShareYourSoul. They will be playing amazing blues music with a style, and flair that only Bobby can bring. You don't want to miss them on day two, at the Saturday night main...

DJ Dave Fuerte

DJ Dave Fuerte Most well known for founding and coordinating Holy City Blues in Charleston, SC, Dave Fuerte has been DJing swing and blues events across the Southeast since 2011. His passion for Jazz, Gospel, Soul,and Blues drives him to find those tunes that will...

DJ Katie Kammerer

DJ Katie Kammerer Katie started off as swing dancer and was swept off her feet quite literally into the dance scene and soon became in love with all there was to offer, including the discovery of blues dancing. Katie has her music degree from the University of Tampa...

DJ Les J Wardell

DJ Les J Wardell has been a big fan of music for a very long time. he likes bring all the best songs to the dance for floor.  Get ready to dance until your feet fall off.  See you on the dance floor!

DJ Casey Sue Morgan

DJ Casey Sue Morgan Casey Sue is back visiting her hometown and djing for the first time in Florida! Though now calling Colorado home, she's never found a dance scene quite like her old stomping grounds here in Orlando. Dancing swing and blues for over a decade, a...

DJ Brendan Smith

DJ Brendan Smith In 2005 Brendan began DJing professionally in the Tampa Bay area. Swing Dancing since 1999, Brendan quickly took to DJing for dances and instructing group classes. Between 2009 and 2013 Brendan ran monthly dances as a lead organizer for Hit that Jive!...

DJ Erin Vance

DJ Erin Vance Erin started her dance career six years ago in the quaint town of Bellingham, WA. Starting with East coast swing and Lindy Hop, dances like blues and fusion were not far behind. Since then she has been traveling all over the world to meet new dancers and...

DJ Natch

DJ Natch Regularly performing at dance events, weddings, and parties throughout the southeast US, Natch has a reputation for keeping the dance floor packed with solid tunes. Organization and familiarization with music, along with being able to work the crowd, are what...

DJ Jason Cartelli

DJ Jason Cartelli Jason Cartelli comes from Austin, TX home of many genres of music. He has lived from places including Atlanta and South Florida. Growing up, his music taste was small but learning music in high school and being in jazz band, made his look on music...

DJ Natch’s Soul Block Party

DJ Natch's Soul Block Party Burn, baby, burn! Hop on board as DJ Natch takes you on the hippest trip in Florida. You're right on time for the slickest ride and you can bet your last money it's gonna be a stone gas, honey! DJ Natch's Soul Block Party will be a...

Blues n Soul IV


What is Blues n Soul?

A place to share your soul on the dance floor, and meet some new an amazing friends from around the country and the globe. This year we have some really fun and creative ideas planned for you, so stay tuned for more information. See you on the dance floor!

Sept 30th - Oct 2nd 2016

Event brought to you by See you on the dance floor!
Saturday Afternoon Dance Sponsored By Boardwalk Bowl
Saturday Late Night Soul Black Patry By Dj Natch