DJ Jason Cartelli

Jason Cartelli comes from Austin, TX home of many genres of music. He has lived from places including Atlanta and South Florida. Growing up, his music taste was small but learning music in high school and being in jazz band, made his look on music shed a new light.

He started swing dancing back in 1998 and was a growing part of South Florida’s swing scene. Learning from DJs and watching dancers, he got interested in dancing, About 4 years later he started to learn more about what music people enjoyed and how to dance to it as well so in 2008 he started to DJ. He was a DJ for SoFLeX, PLL, KMLBX, and was asked to DJ at private events in Atlanta.

His styles of music are very wide from swing – blues; hip hop – R&B; soul – pop; country – comedy and so much more. He will keep dancers going for hours and the question on every dancers mind is, “what is he going to play next?” He was once told this by someone who is close to him who helped him learn and he quotes this every time, “Don’t move to the music, let the music move you.”

You will never be bored with his sets and the music he plays.