DJ Shyanne Taylor

Shyanne hails from the tiny town of Wimauma, but was dance-born in Tampa, FL. In just a year, she made her way across every dance floor in the area, and quickly learned what brings dancing fools to their feet! As soon as she enters a room, Shyanne tunes in to the energy. Her feet just won’t be still. The only way to keep her in one spot is to get her in the DJ booth. She knows how to keep the music flowing, smooth as silk through every transition. Want to completely switch it around? Lindy Hop may be her first love, but Blues and his little cousin Funk make her heart thump! With her hand firmly on the helm, Shyanne’s smile is contagious. It’s obvious from the size of her grin how much she enjoys the way people react to her musical choices. Especially since her goal is to play something special for everyone, and always have the best songs available for whatever dance mood fits the night.